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Awards and Recognition 2020

Aché delivers value and this is recognized year by year by the market. The awards and recognition are the result of the engaged work of the whole of the Aché Generation and our commitment to deliver value to our stakeholders.


The Company achieved prominent positions in various rankings and won awards that assessed our capacity for innovation, corporate governance, marketing and sales strategies, financial and management results, social and environmental sustainability, and customer service, as follows:

Valor Inovação: 1st place in the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences sector. The award assesses the innovation practices of companies operating in Brazil in different sectors. This results in a ranking that is based on five pillars of the innovation chain: intention to innovate; effort in carrying out innovation; the results obtained; market assessment; and knowledge generated.

Estadão Empresas Mais: 1st place in the Pharmaceutical sector. In addition to net revenue and profitability, the award assesses financial performance, innovation, and corporate governance and ranks those companies that have the greatest impact in the sectors in which they operate.

The Best of Dinheiro: 1st place in the Pharmaceutical, Hygiene and Cleaning sector. The award evaluates the performance of companies by sector of activity, and those with the highest scores in Financial Sustainability, Corporate Governance, and Human Resources.

Lupa de Ouro Award: champion in the Adalmiro Baptista Marketing Excellence – Best Corporate Performance (Digital), and Sales Force Excellence – Best Work in Digital Marketing categories. Aché also won ten Lupas de Ouro for marketing campaigns, three of which are Golden Lupas for Colidis, Flogo-Rosa and Digeplus NF.

Global Pharma Study: Aché was recognized as the pharmaceutical company with the best reputation in its target market, considering: product mix offered, relevance, integrity, differentiation, authenticity, leadership and innovation. Carried out by international consultancy firm, Caliber, the global study deals with society’s perception of the pharmaceutical industry, and was conducted in 17 countries, including Brazil, with 13,000 assessments of 67 companies in the pharmaceutical sector that operate worldwide.

Reclame AQUI Award: 1st place in the Chemistry and Pharmaceutical category; by popular vote. The award honors those companies that have the best relationship with their consumers via their Customer Service Center.

Época Negócios 360º: 2nd place in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Cosmetics sector, and 9th in the general ranking. The yearbook, produced by Época Negócios in partnership with the Dom Cabral Foundation, indicates the best companies in Brazil considering aspects such as financial performance, corporate governance, sustainability, people, innovation and vision of the future.

Forbes – Largest Donating Companies in Brazil: 66th place in the ranking. Data was compiled by the Monitor das Doações website created by the Brazilian Association of Resource Brokers. Donations in products, raw materials, logistics and other non-monetary items were converted into BRL and verified by Forbes along with the companies.



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