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Environmental Responsibility

Conscious consumption of resources, especially non-renewable ones, is a priority for Aché. Our purpose of bringing more life to people is directly related to conducting our business responsibly and creating more life for the planet. In this direction, care in water consumption and reuse to avoid waste, processes for saving electricity and efficient waste management are part of our environmental policies.

Our management and production system meets environmental requirements and we count on ISO 14001 certifications, related to the environment, and ISO 45001, focusing on the management of the employees’ occupational health. Now we are preparing for ISO 50001, which deals with energy management. In addition, we extend our care for the environment to our supply chain, which also need to follow strict rules, provided for in the contract.

In 2021, Aché participated, as a signatory company, in the launch of the climate commitment letter “Proposal and business recommendations for the Brazilian NDC”, presented by the Ethos Institute during the COP26 event.

The document was built collaboratively by the Ethos Environment Working Group.

It presents proposals for adaptation and mitigation to the climate crisis, as actions to increase the goals of reducing gas emissions from the greenhouse effect.

Also in 2021 we received the Carbon Positive certificate from our partner BOX PRINT. The certificate refers to the neutralization of CO2 emission generated in the manufacturing and delivery processes of the packaging purchased by Aché in 2020. The neutralization was done through the forestry project of carbon sequestration.

Concerning waste management, bioconverters were purchased for the Company’s restaurants, with the purpose of transforming food waste into biofertilizers, contributing to the zero landfill of organic disposal.

Pernambuco reforestation

n 2021, Aché increased the reforestation project, started in 2020, in the port region of Suape, in the municipality of Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE).

The initiative is aimed at environmental compensation of 4.47 hectares affected by natural disasters, such as fires, and includes the implementation of an environmental conservation area of 4.5 hectares within the Aché manufacturing plant.

Developed in conjunction with a sustainability consulting company, the project has already promoted the planting of 7,450 seedlings of nativespecies of the Atlantic Forest biome and has contributed to recover the degraded area and restore the balance of thelocal ecosystem, with a reduction of the greenhouse effect and balance of environment.

Energy consumption

Aché manages the theme through the Oc- cupational Safety, Health, Environment and Energy Policy. Internal controls are made by electronic spreadsheet, invoices and demand manager, in accordance with res- olution No. 456 of Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency). GRI 302-1

We adopted measures to optimize steam at the Guarulhos plant, which resulted in an 8% reduction in natural gas consumption compared to 2020. GRI 302-4


In 2021, we prepared our greenhouse gas inventory. From these results, we are building a mitigation plan.

Rational use of water 

The water supply is carried out by the

concessionaire, consumed in production processes and cafeteria and human consumption.

We monitor water consumption through water meters, invoices, spreadsheets and monthly control of building facilities, whose management is based on the Occupational Safety, Health, Environment and Energy Policy. We work on actions to reuse, modernize processes and raise awareness among employees.

Regarding the disposal of effluents, we are based on Decree No. 8,468/1976, of the state of São Paulo, and Conama No. 430, as well as using internal procedures for the management of the topic.

Regarding the profile of the body of water that receives the disposal, for the Aché Guarulhos unit we have the Cubas Stream and the Tietê River. In the case of the Aché SP, Aché PE, Aché GO and Aché PR units, we used the collection system.

Reverse logistics and expenses

The waste comes from raw materials and controlled drugs and from those generated internally in Aché’s liquid/solid production processes.

In the manufacture of controlled products, we have mitigating actions for storage, transportation and final treatment that include: storage processes with access control, adequate packaging, documented and duly registered for traceability; duly adequate transportation, with verification of the necessary documentation, andfinal disposal process (incineration), with certificate of destruction of the controlled product.

For waste indicators, weekly reports are made to environment management and monthly reporting to the Operations Executive Board, in addition to internal/ external audits with the certifying body.

For greater control/effectiveness of waste generated, we have as partner the company AMBIPAR, specialized in total waste management, supervised through technical meetings and the SLA (Service Level Agreement). 

We implemented programs in the units aimed at mitigating the impacts of the waste generated. We refer to the environmental management system ISO 14.001, which takes into account the prospects of the product life cycle, and we carry out the Reverse Logistics program, in accordance with Federal Decree No. 10.388/20, with regard to waste generated after consumption. 

In 2021, we implemented two projects in the productive area: leftover polished boxes and billets that can be reused in their origin. Both projects were discussed and validated in the PEO.


For Aché, the correct disposal of drugs is a major issue, both related to public health and the environment. Having a commit- ment to the entire chain of packaging and products, from the manufacture to the disposal of waste, reinforces our integral attention to the health of the soil, water, air and people.

We guide consumers on the correct disposal of drugs and packaging through the package inserts, the institutional website and the CAC (Customer Service Center). We also use non-toxic paints and varnishes and cellulose from reforestation areas in the production of packaging.

In 2021 alone, we acquired 223 million cartridges and 304 million package inserts for drugs from reforestation wood, certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal, which certifies the origin of the raw material. With regard to boxes for transport- ing products, 7 million come from certified reforestation areas and 543 thousand sug- arcane bagasse.

We also started a project that evaluated 50% of Aché’s existing portfolio and analyz- ed sustainability opportunities in secondary packaging materials. The purpose is to im- plement, already in 2022, two projects for substantial reduction in waste generation



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