About Us

Economic, social and environmental sustainability support our management decisions and leads us to consistent growth and a lasting presence.

Innovation, excellence, governance and solidity added to the commitment of more than 5,000 employees, define Aché, a Brazilian company with 55 years of presence in the pharmaceutical market that grows driven by its strategy and guided by its values and the purpose of bringing more life to people, wherever they are. GRI 102-1

Aché is positioned among the five largest in the sector, according to the PPP methodology, and is recognized for its ability to innovate, for its manner and to relate to doctors, consumers, points of sale and business partners, for the quality and effectiveness of its products, transparency in management and respect and protection for everyone that is impacted by its presence.

The Company has five industrial plants located in São Paulo – in the capital, in Guarulhos – greater São Paulo, Londrina- Paraná, Anápolis – Goiás and in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, near Recife, capital of Pernambuco. GRI 102-7

Aché products have reached new markets through licensing agreements that currently cover 21 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. 


We bring relief to your pain.
Tranquility to your mind.
And beauty to your skin.
To the pharmaceutical market,
we offer innovation.
To health professionals, information.
To customers, solutions.
To forest, trees.
To communities, inclusion.
To our employees, opportunities.
For society, more culture, education and sports.
Greater possibilities for your treatment.
Enhanced efficiency to caregivers.
More respect to our environment.
A better future for the generations to come.
More well-being for the entire family.
Our vocation is to enhance people’s health and longevity.
And our mission is to offer better living for you.

The Way We Are

We conduct our business with a constant search for excellence and a willingness to always evolve and grow.

We are bold in aiming for what’s new, and courageous in attempting to reach new heights.

We respect and value our employees, healthcare professionals, our consumers and business partners and we promote fair exchanges.

We act with integrity as we follow the example of those who built Aché.

We create and share value and believe that many people’s lives can be transformed by what we do.

We care for economic, social and environmental sustainability and we rely on fair reciprocity that will ensure that our presence is long-lasting.

Our Values

  • Excellence

    Constantly seeking the best.​

  • Boldness​

    Acting boldly to achieve something new and always aiming higher.​

  • Innovation

    Carrying out research to discover what’s new and embracing it.​

  • Respect

    Respect for and protecting those whose lives will be transformed by our presence​.​

  • Integrity

    Acting in a transparent and ethical way. Being honest and fair.​

  • Sustainability​

    Ensuring fair economic reciprocity, and caring for society and the environment.​

A history of success.



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