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For Aché, creating partnerships with different areas of society is a way of enhancing and strengthening its social contribution. Thus, it works with non-governmental organizations that are aligned with Company values such as integrity and transparency, whether tied to public office or not. To expand and multiply our activities and inspire by bein an example, we also seek the private initiative for special partnerships. We turn our investments to projects that support people under social vulnerability status, without age, sex, religion and ideology restrictions, as we are open to the richness of learning that lies in diversity and inclusion.

In 2021, Aché took important steps to improve its social investment model. With updated and objective guidelines and policies on the allocation of resources, Aché maintained its focus on projects aimed at people in situations of social vulnerability, prioritizing the locations where the company maintains its operations. 

Supported by specialized external consultancy, Aché published two notices in the second semester to use the resources of tax incentive laws divided into two fronts: one, to support cultural and sports programs and the other, in partnership with the FIA (Fund for Childhood and Adolescence) and the Fund for the Elderly.

The creation of a multidisciplinary Committee formed by the President and Directors reinforced the governance model of the process, supporting the selection of projects eligible to receive funds.

Together, the two notices received more than 600 registrations, and 13 projects were approved, resulting in 24 initiatives in 10 municipalities in five Brazilian states.

In 2021, Aché invested BRL 8.3 million in social programs, invested in 19 projects, considering direct resources and tax incentive laws.

Aché also provided support to society through donations that accounted for BRL 5 million. More than 39,000 food staples (physical and digital) were delivered to institutions working to combat hunger, benefiting more than 19,000 families, and 109,000 PPE (personal protective equipment) for health professionals from 25 public hospitals that are a reference in the treatment of Covid-19 throughout the country.

  • We expanded our partnership with the Instituto Esporte & Educação (IEE) [Sport & Education Institute] in the Cabo de Santo Agostinho Center in Pernambuco, where one of our plants is located. The IEE used to help 180 children and teenagers between 6 and 18 years old who attend public schools in the Charneca district, but in 2020 it began to help 300.
  • Support for the Amigos do Bem Association, to which we donate medicines to help around 60,000 people a year who live in 115 villages in the Sertão Nordestino [Northeastern backcountry].
  • We also supported more than 2,500 families living in situations of social vulnerability, in partnership with the Department for Economic Development of Pernambuco, via the Suape Port Industrial Complex, and with support from the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)). More than 54,000 items were donated, including food, personal hygiene and cleaning products, bottles of gel alcohol that we make, and cloth masks.
  • Oher projects:
    • Health: AACD – Using robotics in rehabilitation; Laramara – Social inclusion and assistance technologies; Hospital de Amor in Barretos – Protecting the elderly; Angelina Caron Hospital – The elderly being cared for well; Cristiano Varella Foundation – Helping those with cancer; Donation of medicines – in partnership with the Floravida Institute and Amigos do Bem; Community development – in partnership with the Maria Flos Carmeli Association.
    • Culture: Tomie Ohtake Institute – Support for the Tomie Ohtake Institute’s annual plan; Relicário Produções – Baile do Menino Deus, a movie; Soccer Museum – Reliving memories; Arte e Despertar – Promoting culture in hospitals; Arte e Despertar – Stories that tell stories; ImageMagica – New looks – art for patients in hospital; Mano Down Institute – Activities in the culture space; MASP – Art workshop for teachers from the municipal education system and free visits for students to MASP; Laramara – Culture and social inclusion without borders; Laranjeira Cultural – Young big readers.
    • Sport: Instituto Esporte e Educação [Sport & Education Institute] – A network of social and educational sports centers in Cabo de Santo Agostinho; Fundação Gol de Letra [Gol de Letra Foundation] – Leisure in Vila Albertina/SP; Instituto Pró-esporte, Lazer e Cultura [Pro-Sport, Leisure & Culture Institute] – Tackling the future; Atleta do Futuro [Future Athlete] – A partnership with Sesi.

Social investment – main projects


Apae Mogi Mirim – Égide Saúde

Associação Presente – Centro de Cuidados Paliativos

Desenvolvimento comunitário – parceria com a Associação Maria Flos Carmeli

Doação de medicamentos – parceria com o Instituto Floravida e os Amigos do Bem

Fundação Oswaldo Cruz – Humanização Hospitalar 

Hospital de Amor de Barretos – Amparo ao Idoso Hospital

 Pequeno Príncipe – Saúde Integral II


Fundação Gol de Letra – Jogo Aberto na Vila

IEE – Instituto Esporte Educação – Rede de Núcleos

Instituto Futebol de Rua – Futebol de Rua pela Educação

Instituto Incluir – Pulsar II 

Laramara – Esporte Inclusivo 

Sesi – Atleta do Futuro


CEAP – Crescer Aprendendo 

Doutores da Alegria – Plano Annual

Imagemágica – Sentimentos do Olhar

Instituto MPumalanga – Caravana das Artes 

Instituto Tomie Ohtake – Plano Anual



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