Innovation is an integral part of the company’s culture, and present in its products, services and processes. In products, Aché developed a workflow for portfolio renewal with immediate, medium and long-term results. To do so the company has its own Innovation Center, a unified structure that acts in synergy and alignment with the business goals. Its projects strengthen and support Aché’s growth, thereby contributing to its economic, social and environmental sustainability.


There are currently 190 projects in the pipeline. These projects drive investments and expansion in our laboratories, which have the most advanced technologies in the areas of chemical synthesis, pre-formulation, characterization of molecules/impurities/ degradation products, formulation and analytical development. There are 31 preprojects, including 20 for Radical Innovation – new active pharmaceutical ingredientes in the world. These projects focus on highly relevant therapeutic indications. The innovation generated by Aché is patented in Brazil and other high potential markets. The company already has six patents in Brazil and 69 abroad, in addition to 74 patents that are currently being analyzed.