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Founded in 1966, Aché remains committed to the mission of developing innovative products and services that meet the expectations of healthcare professionals and bring more life to people, wherever they are. [GRI 102-1]

Over-the-counter (OTC), dermocosmetics, dermatological products, nutraceuticals, probiotics and biotechnology segments, available to multiple channels (pharmacy chains, independent pharmacies, pharmacy associations, hospitals, clinics and public channel). In all, 25 medical specialties and 142 therapeutic classes are covered. [GRI 102-2]

Employees of Guarulhos’ plant

Aché has four manufacturing sites – Aché (Guarulhos-SP), Biosintética (São Paulo-SP), 50% share in Melcon Indústria Farmacêutica (Anápolis-GO) and the recently acquired Nortis (Londrina-PR). It also holds 25% share in Bionovis, a company dedicated to the research and development of biotechnologicals, through joint venture with three other Brazilian pharmaceutical companies. In March 2016, Aché acquired the chemical-pharmaceutical division of Laboratório Tiaraju, specialized in phytomedicines and functional foods.

With a structured internationalization plan, we currently have licensing agreements that ensure the sale of 32 drugs in 57 presentations to 25 countries in Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia. [GRI 102-3, 102-4, 102-5 e 102-6]

Aché has 4.7 thousand employees committed to the continuous generation of value for patients, physicians, business partners and the entire society. In order to maintain the close relationship with healthcare professionals and points of sale through face-to-face and virtual visits, the Company has more than 2 thousand employees active in the Demand and Sales Generation Forces, spread throughout Brazil. [GRI 102-7 e 102-8]

Composition of the portfolio

[GRI 102-2]

The Company develops innovative products with proven efficacy and safety, allying investment and know-how in research, development and innovation, focused on unmet needs. Thus, it balances the offering of the best solutions in health to its business partners, physicians, consumers, points of sale, community and suppliers, by generation value to all.

Ample and diversified, Aché's portfolio attends 25 medical specialties and 142 therapeutic classes. The 326 brands, in 804 presentations, are organized in 22 franchises of the Business Units: Prescription, OTC (over-the-counter drugs), Generics, Dermatologics and Institutional and Specialty Care.

Value chain

Health, well-being and quality of life to live more and better.

Business model

The following are the resources used in Aché’s processes and activities and which are the main deliveries to shareholders, employees, government and society in general. In this mapping work, we follow Integrated reporting guidelines of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).


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