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[GRI 102-14]

The commitment of the Aché Generation with excellence in the execution of the strategy was essential for Aché’s achievements in 2017. We made progress in several business fronts, in line with our five strategic pillars – Growth, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Customer Focus and Sustainability –, working with focus and passion for projects to be developed as planned, thus reaching our objectives.

To grow, we invested in portfolio renewal and delivered 30 new products to the market, among them the Achevita line, in response to important current transformations, such as the increase in life expectancy of the population. We created 247 new jobs and invested 247 thousand hours in preparing our professionals so they can be prepared for implementing all initiatives.

We advanced in innovation, establishing partnerships for the development of science in Brazil: we inaugurated the NILE - Nanotechnology Innovation Laboratory Enterprise, the first Nanotechnology laboratory in Brazil and we enrolled in the National Energy and Materials Research Center (CNPEM), in a program to prospect the Brazilian biodiversity to develop new drugs.

The continuous search for operational excellence was materialized at the start of earthworks for the construction of our new 100% eco-efficient plant, in the Metropolitan Area of Recife, State of Pernambuco. The evolution of our Operational Excellence Program is reflected on the results of 2017 with gain of efficiency and increase of 4% in production volume.

We maintained customer focus and bring even closer the relationship with our stakeholders, creating a virtual medical detailing program, Conecta Aché (“Aché Connect”). We expanded in over 2 million the number of patients registered in Cuidados pela Vida (“Care for Life”), our patient assistance program.

We structured the Strategic Plan of Sustainability with the participation of internal multidisciplinary groups, which will conduct the execution of the projects. In the social sphere, we maintained investments in health, sports, culture and education and guaranteed financial sustainability, growing in a consistent and structured way.

The drivers of our Strategic Planning leverage strengths that are part of our history and have assured the brand’s reputation over the years. Our purpose to bring more life to people guides each initiative and is alive in the minds and hearts of our employees.

I affirm that we will remain committed to the generation of value for consumers, healthcare professionals, business partners, employees, shareholders and the entire society.

Enjoy your reading!

Vânia Nogueira de Alcantara Machado

CEO at Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos S.A.


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