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The intellectual capital, which demonstrates the Company’s ability to generate innovation, is one of the main drivers of the company’s growth strategy. Since 2015, Aché has an Innovation Center, which integrated different areas of Aché to speed up our processes, including Business Development, Alliances and Internalization teams; Pharmaceutical and Analytical Development; Medical Center; Incremental Innovation, which seeks new solutions and application of technology in already existing molecules; and Radical Innovation, which works on the discovery of new pharmaceutical active ingredients.

We also believe in innovation as a preponderant element for attaining the internationalization goals. We increasingly seek to work on innovation with a global perspective, considering the needs and demands identified simultaneously in Brazil and in other parts of the world.

Each year, approximately 10% of the Company’s Ebitda are invested in innovation, including own resources and external funding, in international partnerships and with development institutions, such as Finep (Studies and Projects Financier) and BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development).

Molecular Design and Synthesis Laboratory in Guarulhos

Network evolution

In November 2017, Aché inaugurated the Nanotechnology Innovation Laboratory Enterprise (NILE) inside the Guarulhos Plant, in partnership with Ferring Pharmaceuticals. A unique model in Brazil focused on the research and development of new technological platforms based on Nanotechnology, which can be applied in drugs, cosmetics and nutritional products. A total of BRL 7 million was invested in equipment and infrastructure.

The Brazilian Biodiversity Prospecting Program, created last December, was possible thanks to the partnership between Aché, the Brazilian Biosciences Laboratory (LNBio) and Phytobios, a company that conducts expeditions to different biomes for the collection of samples and works on prototypes development. LNBio is part of the National Center for Research in Energy and Material (CNPEM), a social organization supervised by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC). It is important to mention that Ach[e has been gathering knowledge about the biodiversity since 1980, when it started the studies that culminated, in 2005, in the launch of Acheflan, the first phytomedicine with 100% Brazilian research and development.

We also made progress in research with our Molecular Design and Synthesis Laboratory. We joined the Structural Genomic Consortium (SGC), a forum that brings together universities, governments and pharmaceutical industries from different countries. The first milestone was the partnership between Aché, another Brazilian pharmaceutical company and Unicamp for the feasibility of a breakthrough research program aiming the development of new cancer and anti-infectious drugs. For the first time in Brazil, the research will be based on the open innovation model, meanin that all knowledge generated (even the validation phase of the biological targets therapeutic potential) will be in public domain.

More information about NILE and the Brazilian Biodiversity Prospecting Program are available at:


Particles accelerator in the CNPEM headquarters, Campinas - SP

Projects under development

Considered to be essential to boost sustainable business growth, portfolio renewal observes the following workflow at Aché: the projects are strategically discussed and structured following a process called I2B (Idea to Book), that, in a multidisciplinary way, involves several areas of the Company. The development strategy and business plan are then presented by the Business Development, Alliances and Internationalization teams, together with the Business Units involved. If approved, they are sent to the Project Management Office, which performs management of all stages of product development in another process called B2M (Book to Market). In 2017, the processes and stages were updated, becoming even more agile, assertive and efficient.

Aché ended the year with 145 projects in its pipeline, as well as 21 projects in research phase (Radical Innovation). Throughout the year, we registered 31 products at Anvisa.

Innovation Value Chain

Aché internal processes

Projects in the Pipeline

Last five years launches average contribution


Throughout 2017, we launched 16 new products in the international market, especially in Chile, where we obtained approval in record time to market our first drug in the country - Exodus, from the Central Nervous System Franchise.

New agreements were signed during the year, including the licensing of Acheflan, innovative anti-inflammatory product developed by Aché to five Central American countries (Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama).

In Mexico, our most relevant market, Acheflan was launched at the end of 2016 and already has about 10% market share.

25 countries are covered by out-licensing agreements

• Americas: Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

• Middle East, Africa e Asia: Mozambique, Cape Verde, Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Japan.


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