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As one of Aché’s strategic drivers, maintaining focus on the customer means that we must invest on the continuous strengthening of relationships with healthcare professionals, points of sale, public and private institutions, distributors and other members of the pharmaceutical chain.

Only thus will we be able to better understand the specificities of our customers in order to design proposals that are suitable to their real demands, which will enable shared positive results and will also ensure that our portfolio reaches an ever increasing number of patients and consumers.

Dr. Alessandra Yuri Tokumoto. General Practitioner



In order to strengthen the contact with healthcare professionals, we launched, in line with the pillars of the Strategic Planning, the Conecta Aché, a virtual medical detailing. Designed to complement the work of the Demand Generation’s Force, the platform reaches physicians and other healthcare professionals from different regions of Brazil, considering only the municipalities in which our propagandists do not act in person. In an innovative format, all Aché marketing materials from the Prescription and the Dermatology Business Units are hosted on the platform. The content of the OTC Business Unit will also be included in Conecta Aché. Physicians, dentists and, soon, nutritionists, can access the portal. [GRI 102-43]

Connect Aché

Conecta Aché [“Conncect Aché”] brings scientific information to health professionals in the most remote areas of Brazil.

• 5.6 thousand virtual visits of healthcare professionals to the online platform in 2017. On average, 620 visits per month.
• Panel with 900 healthcare professionals and 240 dentists, distributed in near 500 cities and 25 states.
• 894 professionals visited, including: surgeons, general practitions, cardiologists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, geriatrician, obstetric gynecologists, obstetric physicians, occupational physicians, neurologists, otorhinolaryngologists, orthopedists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, rheumatologists, urologists and vascular physicians.

Beyond medical visitation

We maintain a continuous work to ensure proximity with the main Brazilian medical associations and contribute to bring more health to the population. In 2017, we continue to work with medical associations, promoting scientific events with discussions among health professionals about the fundamental issues for Brazilian society.

We also hold scientific conferences to referral hospitals in Brazil and abroad, such as: Albert Einstein Hospital, Dante Pazzanese Cardiology Institute, Unicor, State University of Campinas, Traumatology and Ortopedics National Institute, Federal University of São Paulo, Catholic Pontificial University of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Casa do Rio de Janeiro and even Harvard Medical School, Oxford University and Hospital School of Barcelona University.

Face-to-face visits conducted by the Demand and Sales Generation Forces in 2017:

• 4,558,016 to health professionals.
• 510,882 to points of sale.

Segmentation strategy

Throughout 2017, we verified the assertiveness of the decision, made in the previous year, that divided our sales reps and consultants in two large geographic areas: Orion and Pegasus. With the model, it was possible to structure even more segmented value proposals to the physicians, regarding the context and the needs of each state or region of Brazil.


Still in 2016, we approached the market in order to know better the profile of the approximately 75 thousand points of sale that sell our products’portfolio in all regions of Brazil. The result of the project, which became known as Aché in the POS (points of sale), allowed the Company to create differentiated strategies to maximize the value proposal offered to each type of customer and increase brand capillarity.

The so-called strategic accounts now have fully dedicated multidisciplinary teams. We also intensified the relationship with the main distributors and increased the number of professionals of the commercial team that exclusively serve independent pharmacies and pharmacy associations.

Employee with an Aché product at a point of sale, in São Paulo

In 2017, our commercial strategy included sinergy’s projects with the Demand Generation Force and to ensure the effectiveness of merchandising actions at points of sale.

We also invested in actions to strengthen the relationship of the Sales Force with pharmacists, owners and other professionals of pharmacies and simultaneously increase exposure of the Aché brand and generate movement to the stores, such as the Nossa Família Cuida (“Our Family Cares”) program, in which we take specialized professionals to certain points of sale to measure the blood pressure and blood glucose of the population.

Employee with an Aché product at a point of sale

Integra Aché Platform

A good example that demonstrates the Company’s deliveries in the Customer Focus pillar is the Integra Aché Platform, launched in September 2016, exactly on the date of the National Customer Day (September 15). The platform has three portals and uses technology to boost the sustainable growth of Aché and the entire pharmaceutical chain. [GRI 102-43]

In the Compre com Aché [Buy with Aché] portal, pharmacies from all over Brazil can place their orders through the online system, which are delivered by partner distributors. Exclusive commercial conditions are also offered. Just one year after the portal was launched, we already have over 7,500 registered points of sale. In 2017, over 1.5 million units were invoiced in the Compre com Aché. The Cliente Aché [Aché Customer] portal is aimed to who wish to buy directly, without the distributor’s intermediation. In both, customers have access to a range of information, such as product release timelines and delivery forecast, improving the experience with the company.

In Cresça com Aché [Grow with Aché] portal, we offer courses that contribute to the development of pharmacists, attendants and managers/owners. In partnership with Estácio University, the portal maintains 55 online courses in different learning paths. Until December 2017, we have registered nearly 9,706 thousand enrolled individuals, who have the chance of improving their knowledge about the pharmaceutical market and the retail segment, among other topics. The initiative also enables a more effective and quality service provided to the final consumer.

In 2017, 1,743 courses were completed and 9 new topics were included in the portal, totaling 55 available courses.


Maintaining a fair pricing strategy that guarantees access to our drugs is one of Aché’s premises, which observes the pricing and adjustment criteria of the Executive Secretariat of the Drug Market Regulation Chamber (CMED).

We also seek to raise awareness among patients and caregivers and promote adherence to treatments, for example, by increasing the dissemination of information about the possible risks that interchangeability (exchange of medical prescriptions at the time of purchase) can cause to the effectiveness of treatments. We are pioneers in accessibility, providing, since 1996, information in Braille on packaging and, for more than 10 years, a customer service center for the hearing impaired and the talking package insert.

At the end of 2017, Anvisa authorized the inclusion of QR Codes in the packages of Aché’s drugs: Alenia and Pant. Through virtual reading of the codes, it is possible to access a virtual platform containing videos explaining the use of these drugs, which makes consumers understand more easily the cares needed during their administration.

Aché App - Meus Medicamentos [My Medicines]

Part of the adaptation project to the Serialization Law, the application Meus Medicamentos [My Medicines] allows the consumer, from the reading of the packging bar code, to obtain information about the product. Released in October, it is available for free for Android and iOS platforms.

Information about products through the Aché app – Meus Medicatomes [My Medicines]

Cuidados pela Vida [Care for Life program]

The largest patient assistance program in the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry, Cuidados pela Vida [Care for Life] reached about 8.5 million patients registered in 2017. In the previous year, there were 6.4 million users. The program has over 27.8 thousand accredited points of sale and 198 items available.[GRI 102-43]

As an extensive relationship program, Cuidados pela Vida [Care for Life] goes beyond discounts on Aché products. In line with the purpose of bringing better living people, beneficiaries have available a number of services, such as health reminders sent by SMS, 24-hour Nursing Center for the solving of doubts, purchase through the web and delivery of drugs at home, as well as periodic updating of health and wellness contents, which bring relevant information to patients, families and caregivers.

Care for Life

Site: www.cuidadospelavida.com.br
Consumer service: 0800 777 8432

In 2017, a total of 11.5 million units were sold through the program. The 24-hour Nursing Center recorded 36 thousand calls.

Close contact with consumers through:
• Consumer Service Center (CAC)
0800 701 6900 and cac@ache.com.br

• Electronic portals and hotsites
Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others)

Attendance by the CPV [Care for Life] program


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