A plan to take aché and its generation to a higher level


Aché’s strategic thinking was developed collectively between  the Executive Board and our management and then approved  by the Shareholders and Board of Directors

The Strategic Plan sets forth the company’s guidelines and growth plans for the next  15 years. Advancing our global footprint, doubling net revenue every five years and launching at least one market-leading drug developed through radical innovation are among the goals established in the Strategic Plan.

To attain these goals, the Strategic Plan is grounded on five pillars: Growth, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Customer Focus and Sustainability.

growth and innovation

Based on an assessment of the ongoing scenario for the pharmaceutical sector and the identification of future opportunities and trends, we structured projects that touch all areas of the company. These initiatives were prioritized and were set in motion beginning in 2015. As these projects evolve and reach completion, they contribute to value generation.

Project execution and success relies on the commitment and teamwork from all of those in the Aché Generation. That is why our managers imparted the Strategic Plan with their teams in October and November 2015 in an effort to promote internal alignment so that we may proceed together in the same direction.

Aché’s Competitive Intelligence Directorate accounts for managing Strategic Plan execution and supporting priorityproject fulfillment. It also provides support to related areas and projects.