Strategy and Management


Aché’s compliance management structure is prepared to keep stride with legislative evolution and respond to demands from public authorities, including the Ministry of Health and Anvisa (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária), a Brazilian regulatory agency. In 2015 we were once again fully accredited with the renovation of our good manufacturing practices certificate, which certifies the quality of our production processes and warrants the commercialization of our products. We also got approval for an array of drugs, cosmetics and nutraceuticals.

Quality Control Laboratory
Quality Control Laboratory

Beyond practical and functional, our drug product packaging provides all the information required by law. Patient information leaflets provide clear information on drug usage, dosage, precautions and other aspects for consumers to feel more secure with their medication. To learn more, please log on to at the Aché site.


In 2015, Aché invested in the automa tion of its Quality Control Laboratory management, centralizing data in the SAP system and, in doing so, helping to enhance productivity, compliance and data security

The building of a new Analytical Development lab at our Nações Unidas unit was another major investment

Altogether the company invested R$ 11 million in up-to-date, highly sensitive equipment.
These measures are essential so that Aché may continue to ensure product efficacy and quality in accordance with regulatory demands.

To uphold the continuous improvment of Aché’s processes, quality control teams constantly undergo technical training to master tools and processes in accordance with best practices, thereby guaranteeing that the quality control system regulates manufacturing site operations in full adherence to worldwide compliance standards.