Aché invested R$ 200 million in R&D in 2015. We also opened the new Molecular Design and Synthesis Laboratory at the Guarulhos site and introduced our Incremental and Radical Innovation centers.

The Molecular Design and Synthesis Laboratory is one of the first achievements of the Innovation Unit. The laboratory is focused on bringing solutions to unmet medical needs in different therapeutic areas, such as the central nervous system, cardiovascular, sexual, respiratory and osteomuscular health.

Diretores do Núcleo de Inovação junto a Paulo Nigro, Presidente e Diretor de Inovação
Innovation Unit directors alongside CEO Paulo Nigro and Innovation Director


equipamentosBy investing in the creation of the Innovation Unit, the Incremental and Radical Innovation centers and the Molecular Design and Synthesis Laboratory, Aché internalizes knowledge, offers opportunities for specialized professionals and supports the development of science in our country.

In addition, last year Aché also consolidated partnerships with different companies for the exploration and development of technological platforms, as well as joint efforts in the research and innovation of new pharmaceutical products.