To become an innovation leader among Brazilian pharmaceutical laboratories, Aché invests in multidisciplinary expertise throughout the different areas that comprise the Innovation Unit.

poteInnovation has been present in Aché’s culture since the company was founded. It is one of the pillars of the Strategic Plan. Innovation goes well beyond product launches and involves every area and process within the business.

The company created its Innovation Unit in 2015 to fulfill its goal of becoming an innovation leader among Brazilian pharmaceutical laboratories. The unit’s goal is to integrate everyone involved in the innovation process to work under a more multidisciplinary approach. In doing so, the different areas operating along the many stages of new product development and launch can work with greater integration and alignment with our strategic objectives.

The new Molecular Design and Synthesis Laboratory

Radical Innovation Unit: Organized in four coordinations, (Phytomedicine, Synthetics, Molecular Synthesis and Patents), the Radical Innovation Unit researches new active pharmaceutical ingredients. Among the challenges met by this line of research are the elevated funding involved and the long research cycles, typically above ten years. Hence, risk is always balanced against potential market opportunities and the company’s longterm strategic goals.

Incremental Innovation Unit: This area is in charge of developing products that address unmet medical needs of consumers and physicians. Its goal is to offer incremental solutions, such as new associations, formulations and therapeutic indications by applying pharmaceutical technology to existing molecules.

Business Development, Partnerships and Internationalization Unit: Its mission is to structure processes related to the planning, evaluation and execution of renovation and innovation projects, involving all areas of Aché. This unit also enables national and international partnerships, with an eye on the company’s innovation and internationalization strategies.

fileAché earned first prize in the Pharma and Life Sciences category of the 2015 edition of the “Inovação Brasil” Awards. Aché was the only Brazilian-owned  pharmaceutical laboratory in the top five of its the segment. In the overall ranking, Aché placed 25th among over 150 companies. “Valor Econômico”, Brazil’s leading business newspaper, conducted the assessment together with Strategy&, a local consultancy. Evaluation criteria were based on corporate strategy, vision, innovation culture, values, resources, processes, structures, results and market assessment.

fornoMedical Unit: Responsible for the scientific interface with other internal areas, it provides technical and scientific information related to the added value and correct product usage to regulatory authorities, opinion leaders and health professionals. The area also designs and implements clinical studies to assure drug efficacy and safety.

Pharmacotechnical and Analytical Development: This area is responsible for the development of products derived from innovative molecules or technologies in industrial scale with stability, safety and clinical efficiency. It also performs tests and generates evidence and documentation for new product registration and assists the company’s operational areas to modernize manufacturing processes, ensuring Aché remains up-to-date with regulatory changes and new market demands.