Shared Value

Government and Sectoral Relationships

Aché holds relationships with federal and state governments with transparency and ethics as a medications supplier of the public health system. We also seek to promote technological and scientific advancement through productive development partnerships (PDPs) and R&D funding to expand autonomy in the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry.

We participate and support the main pharmaceutical industry associations and the forums they host to advance process and product enhancement throughout the sector. In 2015, we maintained our association with Sindusfarma, the São Paulo state pharmaceutical industry association, ProGenéricos, the Brazilian generic medicine manufacturers’ association, the FarmaBrasil Group, the association of the most important Brazilian pharmaceutical companies, Abifina, the nationwide association of fine chemical and biotech industries, Abimip, the nationwide association of over-the-counter medicine manufacturers, Abia, the Brazilian food industry association and Abihpec, the nationwide association of personal-hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics industries.