Aché adopts the best practices in corporate governance with the aim to enable the execution of the strategic guidelines our shareholders have established and yield greater transparency to decisionmaking processes. We are a privately held company comparable with publicly traded corporations in our strict application of internal norms, policies and control mechanisms. In addition, we undergo independent auditing to assert the reliability of our financial statements.

In 2015, we created a Governance Committee, which will include the Ethics Committee and handle issues addressed by the Code of Conduct or originating from the Ombudsman Office The Governance Committee is in charge of processing problems and situations that conflict with our values or with ongoing legislation. With sustainability in mind, Aché restates the company’s commitment with transparency and integrity in all its business affairs before its diverse stakeholders.

To reach the Aché ombudsman office:
Caixa Postal 5016 / CEP: 07030-970 / Guarulhos – SP

Board of Directors

Shareholders take part in the Board of Directors and are responsible for defining the company’s business growth strategy. Board members serve a oneyear term. Three committees provide support in their decision-making processes: Strategy, Finance & Risk Management and People.

For information about board of directors composition, log on:

Executive Board

The CEO and Executive Board are responsible for the structuring and execution of the company’s strategic plan, in accordance with guidelines established by the Board of Directors. Since 2001, the Executive Board has relied on support from other committees for greater responsiveness in identifying trends and opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry and risk management assistance.


Operational Excellence
 (in operation as of de 2016)

Aché Management Structure

Board of Directors
Executive Board


To continuously develop innovative products and services to meet the needs of health professionals and enhance quality of life for people, wherever they may be. To grow sustainably, generating and sharing value with society and our shareholders, cherishing people and the environment.


Guarulhos head office employees

To be acknowledged as the most innovative Brazilian pharmaceutical company and the first choice among our stakeholders for promoting health and wellbeing and improving people’s lives wherever they may be.


Integrity and transparency: We believe that it is the only way to conduct our business. Throughout our entire history, we have nurtured forthright, earnest, transparent relationships with physicians, clients, employees, suppliers and all the stakeholders with whom we relate and that contribute toward the construction of our brand.

Customer focus and long-term vision: We guide our actions by our commitment to serve the needs of our consumers and meet the expectations of our physicians, pharmacists and professional healthcare community for specific, diversified and differentiated therapeutic solutions. We are daring so we may remain the choice brand among our customers and build an enduring future for our business.

Colaboradores na planta Nações Unidas, em São Paulo.
Colaboradores na planta Nações Unidas, em São Paulo.

Innovation: Innovation is in our culture. It guides all our investments, from enhancing the skills of our team to developing new products and processes. We favor collective knowledge building. That is why we pledge to contribute to the dialogue within the scientific community by gathering research scientists and institutions to drive innovation and promote knowledge.

Valuing health professionals: We are aware of the importance of physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals bear on the wellbeing of people and the continuity of our business. We hold deep respect for these professionals, sharing our knowledge and appreciating their work.

Recognition for the Aché Generation: We believe that the sum of the actions performed by each professional is what makes Aché a remarkable company. We strive to remain an excellent company to work for by investing in the development of our professionals and valuing their work, acknowledging their achievements and encouraging their engagement.

Sustainable growth: It is our conviction that sustainable growth is grounded on social and environmental responsibility. We perform with respect for people and the environment, sharing value with society and among the stakeholders with whom we engage.