Strategy and Management


Environmental management at Aché is carried out based on internationally acknowledged norms, especially those pertaining to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, which establish guidelines and benchmark indicators for process control and security and efficient environmental impact management and natural resource usage. One of Aché’s environmental management priorities is controlling and reducing solid waste generation. We conduct continuous, broad ranging activities to raise awareness among employees. We also invest in appropriate solid waste treatment and disposal.

High overall environmental awareness: We encourage the engagement of our teams, their dependents and our communities to take part in recycling projects for household items such as cooking oil, batteries and expired drugs among other products.

Funap Project: We support the reintegration of the incarcerated through a project in association with the Prof. Dr. Manoel Pedro Pimentel Foundation (FUNAP). Through the project, inmates are allowed to work processing organic waste into compost ingredients.

Our workplace safety and health policies and projects evince Aché’s commitment to the preservation of life through occupational and assistential healthcare and workplace safety. We conduct training courses, awareness campaigns and employee education initiatives to encourage our people to adopt safe and responsible workplace practices as well as healthy habits, thereby preventing accidents and improving quality of life for everyone, from family members to fellow coworkers.