Demand and Sales Generation

In the commercial area, we intensified our efforts to develop closer ties with our points of sale and improve our services, with ethics and transparency in our relations with these stakeholders, in line with the company’s Strategic Plan. Investments initiated in 2015 will enable Aché to optimize its capillarity in 2016, ensuring that its products are available to every consumer in the country, meeting the needs of large, mid-sized and small business clients.


As of 2016, new technology tools will be implemented to bolster integration between our Demand Generation and Sales Forces. These professionals will be better prepared to ensure that our customers get our products with greater responsiveness and reliability, avoiding supply disruptions.

Another Aché innovation to be implemented this year is a digital platform that will offer clients e-learning courses on issues related with the pharmaceutical market and their own business. In doing so, we once again generate value to be shared along the entire supply chain.

Demand Generation and Sales Forces are to work with increased integration

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