CEO’s Message

Throughout 2015, Aché celebrated its upcoming 50th anniversary by designing initiatives that concern our future and business continuity.

We envisioned a bold growth strategy and set forth to fulfill priority projects outlined in our 20/30 Strategic Plan. By creating our centers for Incremental and Radical Innovation, and by opening our Molecular Design and Synthesis Laboratory, we took our first steps toward accomplishing our goal: be – coming the segment’s benchmark in – novation company among domesticallyowned laboratories.

The ambition we laid out in our stra – tegic plan – to double net revenue every five years – rests on five pillars: growth, innovation, operational excellence, cus – tomer focus and sustainability.

Paulo Nigro - CEO
Paulo Nigro – CEO

We brought 25 new products to mar – ket. Our net revenue grew by 9.3% from last year while our market share evolved 0.04 p.p in comparison with 2014, attaining a banner 6.2% in PPP (Pharmacy Purchase Price) reais, the highest rate in the last five years. In – vestments in people preparation rose by 29% in comparison with 2014.

We repositioned the Aché brand and revisited our mission, vision and val – ues. Our raison d’être is fortified to bring us closer to our stakeholders. Our slogan reflects our will: Aché. Better living for you.

This report details our main facts, figures and decisions in 2015, totaling millions of reais outlaid for innovation, technology and equipment acquisitions, regulatory compliance, investments in operational excellence and environmen – tal, cultural, sports and social-responsi – bility programs.

I assure you that the Aché Genera – tion will remain inspired by the dreams of our founders and encouraged by the mission to foster scientific advancement in Brazil, enhancing quality of life for everyone, wherever they may be.

chatWe repositioned the Aché brand and adopted a new slogan in 2015

My heartfelt gratitude to the Board of Directors for their trust and unwaver – ing support. I hope that by assessing the information herein, the Aché Gen – eration, our business partners, health professionals, public authorities, com – munities and society in general make take pride in this 100% Brazilian cor – poration, which completes 50 years of activities in 2016 and is eager to thrive another 50, 100 or more years onward. Congratulations, Aché!

Enjoy your reading.
Paulo Nigro