Shared Value

Business Partners

img-parceiros-negocioWe strive to offer the best learning and skills-enhancement opportunities in the relationships we keep with suppliers and other business partners. Last year we hosted our 9th Parcerias para a Excelência event, a gathering to acknowledge, certify and award suppliers that meet the quality and operational excellence we require. In this edition, we certified 20 ingredient and packaging providers. Over 170 suppliers have been recognized and certified since program inception in 2007.

Through this initiative, we have established a relationship of mutual gains and improvements in pursuit of elevated standards of quality and operational excellence.

Our ingredient and packaging suppliers, among others, are annually audited. Through this practice, we seek to ensure that our partners comply with ongoing legislation, environmental and safety norms and Brazil’s Children and Youths Statute.

We have expanded our global footprint through licensing agreements that allow us to introduce new products for a range of medical specialties in the Brazilian marketplace while we also market our brands and products in the Americas, Africa and Asia.