Aché contributes actively to the transformation of society and follows its investment journey with its own resources and incentive laws.
These projects are aimed at people in situations of social vulnerability and contribute to health promotion, sports, development support and access to the arts and culture.

In 2018 we worked on two main fronts: health promotion and social development.

In the health promotion axis, we kept the contributions to the projects:

  • Amparo, Hospital do Amor, Barretos (SP)
  • Pelo Direito à Vida (For the Right to Life), of the Complexo Pequeno Príncipe, in Curitiba (PR)
  •  Música nos Hospitais (Music in Hospitals), of the São Paulo Association of Medicine, among others.

Through the Aché Products Donation Policy, we allocated over 12 thousand products units to the “Instituição Amigos do Bem”, which benefited over 9 thousand people from 115 villages in Pernambuco, Ceará and Alagoas. Another 2,000 units of drug products were sent to the “Instituto Floravida”, partner of Aché, which carries out the “Mais Saúde project” for the prevention and fight against diseases in the municipality of Parnaíba, in Piauí.

In the face of social development, we continue to support:

  • Maria Flos Carmeli Association
  • Mão Amiga, Beneficent Association of Guarulhos (Abemag)
  •  Social Service of Industry (Sesi), in the program “Atleta do Futuro”

With the start of activities at our new factory in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, we will invest in the “Sopa Expressa project”, which will serve 1.2 thousand families per day in a situation of food insecurity.