Aché has been in the pharmaceutical market for 53 years. It supplies society with differentiated products and services, and establishes bonds of trust and respect with its employees, customers, consumers and business partners. With its extensive and balanced portfolio that is constantly being renewed, Aché establishes a relationship of trust with doctors that drives fulfillment of the company’s purpose of offering better living to people wherever they are.

An extensive and balanced portfolio

In the last five years Aché has launched an expressive number of 133 products in those segments in which it operates: prescription, non-prescription (OTCs), generic and specialty care drugs, dermatology medication and dermocosmetics.

357 brands in 899 different SKUs covering 142 therapeutic classes and 18 medical specialties.


Composition of the portfolio in 2019




The company is represented in the main therapeutic classes, and offers healthcare professionals innovative solutions that meet their expectations regarding safe and effective treatment, while consumers enjoy affordable quality products. Because of its extensive and diversified portfolio, the company is not dependent on a single product or franchise. Its 357 brands, which are supplied in 899 different SKUs, cover 142 therapeutic classes and 18 medical specialties.

No medication represents more than 6.1% of the company’s total net revenue. The ten main represent 27.5% of its net revenue.