The triumphs of 2019 are also evident in the recognition we received and inspire the company every day to fulfill its purpose of taking more life to people wherever they are. Ache received 25 awards in the year, some of which we highlight below:

Valor Inovação - 1st place in innovation in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector.

Empresas Mais - O Estado de São Paulo [newspaper] - 1st place in the CIE – Coeficiente de Impacto Estadão [Estadão Impact Coefficient] assessment, an indicator that evaluates the size and performance of companies in their market.

Exame’s Melhores e Maiores [Biggest & Best] - Winner in the Pharmaceutical Industry category that involves an analysis of: growth, market leadership, profitability, and the wealth generated and distributed to company employees.

Época Negócios 360º Yearbook - 1st place among pharmaceutical companies, the highlights being: financial performance,innovation, corporate governance and sustainability.

Lupa de Ouro [Golden Magnifying Glass] - Winner in the category “Best sales force in the pharmaceutical industry” and 7 Lupas for company marketing campaigns, 2 of which were Lupas de Ouro for Alenia and Artrogen Duo.

Major Cases in Packaging, EmbalagemMarca magazine - The Alenia QR Code Project won a prize for innovation in packaging, production technology, economic and market impacts, and improvements in consumption experiences, awarded by EmbalagemMarca magazine.

Automation Prize – GS1 Brasil - Best traceability project in the healthcare sector.

Whow! for Innovation Prize - 1st place in the pharmaceutical category for IT.

The Companies that most Respect the Consumers Award - Technical coordination of the Standard Intelligence Center in a partnership with the SKS CX consultancy company - 1st place in the pharmaceutical products category.