The work of Company has been recognized by major institutions for the last years.



Innovation Value Award 2016: Granted by the newspaper Valor Econômico in partnership with the consulting Strategy& of PwC, Aché ranked first in the category Pharma and Life Sciences for the second consecutive year, and was recognized for its leadership in the pharmaceutical segment. The company also ranked 17th in the list of the 100 most innovative companies in the country.


Best Companies of the Country Award: Aché was recognized as the first of the pharmaceutical industry on the dimensions Financial Performance and Social and Environmental Responsibility by the yearbook Época Negócios 360º, from Época Negócios magazine. The company ranked 24th among the 300 best companies in Brazil, rising 225 positions in relation to 2014.


Estadão Empresas Mais Award: Granted by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo in partnership with the Institute of Administration (FIA), for the second consecutive year, Aché was elected as the company of the industry that contributes most to the economy and health development in the country.


Pharmaceutical Bioequivalence Studies/Relative Bioavailability: The Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (ICF) granted, for the third consecutive year, Aché as the company with the best approval rating of these studies, according to the positive results achieved, which ensured a pioneering and visionary performance in the renewal and maintenance process of its portfolio.


Companies that Most Respect the Consumer: Granted by the magazine Consumidor Moderno in partnership with Shopper Experience, Aché was elected the pharmaceutical company which most respects the consumer.


Best Companies in Consumer Satisfaction Award: Granted by Mesc Institute (Best Companies for Customer Satisfaction), Aché was recognized as one of the 15 best companies in this subject of the pharmaceutical industry in 2016.


16th ABRE Award: Sponsored by the Brazilian Packaging Association, the company was elected the Company of the Year, confirming the strategic design of its packages. In addition to gold level in the main category, Aché was recognized in three other categories: Family Profuse and Ensolei, Inellare Zero Pocket, and Densifiant Fondant Cream.


Gold Magnifying Glass (Lupa de Ouro): The award organized by the Pharmaceutical Product Industry Union in the State of São Paulo (Sindusfarma), in the 40th edition, granted 12 trophies to Aché. We ranked first in three categories: Gastrointestinal and Vitamins, by the marketing campaign of Adipept; Pain and Inflammation, with the highlight campaign for the Revange medicine; and Respiratory System, with the Montelair product.



Aché is the fisrt place among pharmaceutical by O Estado de São Paulo and FIA: Aché won first place among companies in the pharmaceutical sector in the award of O Estado de São Paulo newspaper, in partnership with Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA). The announcement was made on 29 September 2015, in events house in south of São Paulo. The analysis was about performance in the last 4 years and took opeating result, among other criteria. The Winning highligths the Aché as a company of positive impact for the country to generate wealth and jobs, with integrity and transparency in relationships, and share value to society through the knowledge spreads, acess to culture and sports, social investment and respect for the environment and people.


Leaders of Brazil Award: Aché stands out in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The fifth edition of Leaders of Brazil Award highlights Brazilian corporate leaderships, Businesspeople, CEOs, and authorities of the public sector attended the 5th Leaders of Brazil Award, promoted by Lide - Group of Corporate Leaders and SBT. 

In the award of the night, Aché stood out in the category “Pharmaceutical Industry Leader”, by its corporate performance and development along the year.

“The award was already important. However, in this year of crisis it is even more important. A true certificate of competence, of entrepreneur companies that invest in Brazil and, above all, create jobs”, stated the governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, one of the event guests.
In total, there were 63 winners in 21 categories indicated by an event official judging panel, in addition to honors to key players that, even in an economic instability scenario, were successful in business. The event was broadcast by SBT, nationwide.


Aché won 5 trophies at the VII Bumerangue 2015 Award: On 10/5, Sindusfarma acknowledged the Sales Training of Business Core sector by the 2nd consecutive year and, in unprecedented result, the Organizational Development sector of Aché in categories that award the best practices of Training and Development of the pharmaceutical industry. Sales Training of Business Core sector was acknowledged in the 1st place in the category “Training and Development of Sales Strength - Methodology” and also received honored mention of “Investments and Results”. The Organizational Development sector was acknowledged in the 1st place in the category “Impact on the Target Audience” with the program “Inside Aché” and also received honored mention of “Investments and Results” and “Impact on Organization Audience”.


“Melhores & Maiores 2015” Award of Revista Exame (Better & Bigger 2015): Aché stands out in Maiores & Melhores Award of Revista Exame, which analyses financial balances with focus on: growth, profitability, current liquidity, market leadership and wealth generation by associate. The acknowledgment is in the edition No. 42 of Revista Exame. The Company held the 2nd place in corporate performance and went up 26 places in the group of the 500 largest organizations installed in the country, going from 399th to 373rd position.


A  Friend of the Industry Company 2015 Award: Aché was honored by the Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo (CIESP) and won the trophy “A Friend of the Industry Company 2015”, granted in the award ceremony Industry of the Year that, annually, acknowledges companies that contribute with economic growth of the State. Since the award creation, 15 years ago, Aché is acknowledged by the relevance to the economy of Guarulhos.


Aché is the 1st place in the category Pharma and Life Sciences of the award “Innovation Brazil” of Valor Econômico: Aché Laboratories was the first place of sector Pharma and Life Sciences of the Innovation Brazil Award, held by Valor Econômico in partnership with Strategy& - company from PWC group and one of the largest specialists in innovation in the world. In the general ranking, Aché was in the 25th place among the top 100 most innovative companies of the Country. Several criteria were assessed, such as investments, productive structure, product release, successful services, new processes and innovation culture.


Essencele Filler R won Cosmopolitan of Beauty 2015 Award: Filler R won the Cosmopolitan of Beauty 2015 Award in October, with the category Best Eye Cream! The product surpassed all competitors in its category and, soon, will be able to use the Winner Label in campaigns, products, and Sales Points. Held annually by Cosmopolitan Magazine - one of the most reputable of the market -, the award acknowledges the best national releases after analyses and evaluation of several specialists. 


Aché won in five categories of the 39th edition of Lupa de Ouro and it stands out in the pharmaceutical industry: Aché Laboratórios was acknowledged, by the 5th consecutive year, as winner of the Corporate category of Lupa de Ouro Award, organized by Grupemef. In addition to be indicated as key role in the pharmaceutical industry, the company received other seven acknowledgments, because of its performances in product campaigns. This is the 39th edition of the award, which is considered the highest acknowledgment of the sector. The eight awards received by Aché in the 39th edition of Lupa de Ouro award were:

1sSt place in the Corporate category for the best performance in 14 categories held;

1st place in the category Antagonists of Pure Angiotensines, for the development of product Corus;

1st place in the category Antidepressant and Mood-Stabilizing, for its standing out campaign of product Exodus;

1st place in the category Cholesterol and Triglyceride Regulators, with the successful campaign for the product Trezor;

1st place in the category Muscle Relaxant of Central Action, because of the product performance Tandrilax;

2nd place in the category Ulcer Therapy, with the product Gastrium;

2nd place in the category Topical Corticoids, by the campaign performed for the product Novacort;

and 3rd place in the category Ulcer Therapy, with the product Label.



The Top 100 Most Innovative in Information Technology Use - Aché conquers the leadership in innovation among pharmaceutical industry companies: Aché was acknowledged as a leader innovative company in the Information Technology sector – pharmaceutical industry, in addition to also reach the 26th place in the general ranking among 100 participant companies of several market sectors, all of them large companies and reference in their business segment!


Ascoferj Highlight Award - Aché is acknowledged as Brand Reference Laboratory: Ascoferj (Association of Pharmaceutical Market of Rio de Janeiro) Highlight Award acknowledges Aché in the category Brand Reference Laboratory.


18th ANEFAC – Fipecafi – Serasa Experian Award (Transparency Trophy): Better known as Transparency Trophy, the 18th ANEFAC – Fipecafi – Serasa Experian Award is organized by the National Association of Finance, Administration, and Accounting Executives (ANEFAC) in partnership with Institute Foundation of Accounting, Actuarial and Financing Research (FIPECAFI) and with Serasa Experian. In this edition, the award given to 24 companies that best published information on its accounting balances. Aché was acknowledged in the category Private Company, along with: Eletrobrás Furnas; Embasa; and GRU Airport. The assessment takes into account the compromise of companies with ethics and transparency in accountability of their financial demonstrations in front of shareholders, collaborators, suppliers, governs, consumers and other stakeholders.


VI Bumerangue Award of Training and Development, Recruiting and Selection – 6th edition: Granted by Sindusfarma, the award stands out the pharmaceutical industries that invested in professional qualification of their collaborators with the creation and development of programs in Human Resources and Training sectors. Biosintética was award in the category of Training and Corporate Development - Sales Strength “Methodology” and image “TroféuBio”.


A Friend of the Industry Company: Aché was honored on June 4th, 2014, by the Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo, with the trophy  A Friend of the Industry Company. The honor was carried out during the regional Industrial event of the Year, in CIESP’s sub-headquarter, in Guarulhos. Since the award creation, 14 years ago, the entity highlights the importance of the Company in the economic scenario of the city.


Partner Company of Professional Formation Label: The program Apprentice, initiative of Aché for professional education of young people in social vulnerability condition, received on April 24th, 2014, the Partner Company of Professional Formation Label, granted by the City Hall of Guarulhos. The awarding event was held in the Education Department theater and was attended by the city mayor, Sebastião Almeida, and other municipal authorities.


Sindusfarma Award of Quality 2014: Aché Laboratórios received an Honorable Mention in the special category Pharmaceutical Industry, during the event of Sindusfarma in 5/12 at HSBC Brasil, in São Paulo


Best Company in the Pharmaceutical Sector: Aché Laboratório was elected as the best pharmaceutical company in 2013 by Exame magazine! 


“Lupa de Ouro” Award - Best Corporate Performance by the 4th consecutive year: In the 38th edition of Lupa de Ouro Award, Aché brought home six trophies in one night, in which was also renowned as the most awarded company. The stand out of this event, which brings together virtually all the pharmaceutical industry, is Lupa de Ouro of Better Corporate Performance, award that acknowledges the company with the best performance in market penetration - market share values and prescription share. In addition to win in this category, it also conquered other five trophies:

1st place with Label Gotas campaign

1st place with Acheflan campaign

2nd place with Alenia campaign

2nd place with Artrolive campaign

3rd place with Nisulid campaign 



“Lupa de Ouro” Award: Aché won the 37th “Lupa de Ouro" for Best Corporate Performance for the third consecutive year! 


Leaders of Brazil Award: Bionovis received “Leaders of Brazil Award”, promoted by Lide (group of corporate leaders), for its role in consolidation of the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry in the biotechnology market.


Certificate RA 1000: Aché received the Certificate RA 1000, as one of the companies that best answer and solve calls on Reclame Aqui! (On-line Complaints Portal) It means the consumer acknowledge to our post-sale compromise and a clear sign of trust on the brand, products, and services.


1st Sindusfarma Educational Program (PES) Award: In August, Aché received the 1st Sindusfarma Educational Program (PES) Award. PES - Sindusfarma is a set of educational events – with workshops, lectures, symposiums, seminars, and courses – that brings subjects of interest of the pharmaceutical industry, in order to promote technical update and ongoing professional improvement. PES awarded companies that most invested in the development and professional education of their collaborators, through attending educational activities promoted by Sindusfarma, or by partner entities of the program, in the period from 2005 to 2012. Biosintética won the award referred to 2005 and Aché referred to 2010. This award showed the compromise of the Company with training and improvement of its collaborators.



“Lupa de Ouro” Award: Aché was elected for the second consecutive year for the Best Corporate Performance award in the 36th edition of “Lupa de Ouro”.


Partners of the Year of Abrafarma: Aché and Biosintética won the award Partners of the Year Abrafarma 2012, granted by the Brazilian Association of Pharmacy and Drug Store Networks (Abrafarma) to award industries and distributors that stood out in the year, from the qualitative point of view, and so they have better serviced consumers at the point of sales.


SBQ of Innovation Award: At the 35th Annual Meeting of SBQ (Brazilian Society of Chemistry), Aché received the SBQ of Innovation Award - Fernando Galembeck. The award is given to companies that stand out by the Brazilian technological innovation.


Valor 1000: The newspaper Valor Econômico  (Economic Value) recognizes, each year, the best companies from different sectors of the market and, this year, Aché was the winner company in pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector. In its 12th edition, the event was help in the city of São Paulo, in a ceremony with the presence of the Minister of Finances, Guido Mantega.


“Companies that Communicate Better with Journalists 2012” Award: Audited by BDO Brasil, the award “Companies that Communicate Better with Journalists” has the purpose to recognize the quality of the relationship the companies keep with communication professional and with the market. 



Label of Partner Company of Professional Formation: Granted by the City Hall of Guarulhos and by Sincomércio (Retail Market Union of Guarulhos) to Aché Formare, professional education program implemented in 2005.


IT Leaders 2011 Award: Promoted by the magazine Information Week, the award stands out the most innovative companies in information technology. Aché was the winner in the category Pharmaceutical, Hygiene, and Cosmetics and got the 15th place in the general ranking of top 100 most innovative companies of Brazil.


Popai Brasil Award: Recognized as the biggest and most lasting recognition of the merchandising sector worldwide, awards the best publishing works targeting sales points. Aché receive the bronze trophy, in the category Drugstore, for counter display of AQUAporin.


A Friend of the Industry Company: In May, at Open Hall Convention Center, in Guarulhos, the 12th edition of the Industry of the Year Award was held, celebrating the Industry Day, May 25th. Aché was one of the honored companies of the night, by CIESP - Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo - as A Friend of the Industry Company.


Award “The top 100 most innovative in IT Use”: Produced by IT Mídia in partnership with Deloitte, the study The Top 100 Most Innovative in IT Use revels the winners in 17 categories, among them “Pharmaceutical, hygiene and cosmetics” in which Aché was the winner.


“Lupa de Ouro” Award: In the 35th edition of Lupa de Ouro Award - the most expressive award of the pharmaceutical marketing - , Aché was awarded in the category Best PharmaCorporate Performance with Medicine Stripe, intended to honor companies with the best performance in sales, real, and prescription, considering the Total Pharmaceutical Market (Reference, Similar, Generic, and OTC), from December 2009 to December 2010. The great winner of the category OTC Product was Millar. In the category Cardiovascular System, we got the 3rd place with Vertizine D and, in Sustainability, 3rd place was for the program Aché Collection of Education for Health.


Sindusfarma Award of Quality: Aché was awarded as the most prominent laboratory in qualification process of suppliers, among all the pharmaceutical participants. Sindusfarma Award of quality, which was attended by Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) President, Dirceu Barbano, legitimates the constant incentive we give to the excellence of our suppliers.


Carta Capital - one of the most admired: Carta Capital - prominent weekly magazine and one of the largest of the country - published the 14th edition of the award “Most Admired Companies of Brazil 2011”, in which Aché stands out as the most admired Brazilian company in the pharmaceutical industry. 



Sindusfarma Quality Award: Aché was honored among the companies that achieved the quality standards required by the pharmaceutical industry for guaranteeing the effectiveness and safety of medicines. 


Who is Who - Economia de Guarulhos Award: Aché was the great focus of the fourth edition of the award “Who is Who” in the Economy of Guarulhos”. In addition, to the 1st place in Financial Excellence, Aché took the 1st place in Business Performance, which covered actions of social responsibility, among others.


“Lupa de Ouro” Award: Aché received three trophies: Lupa de Ouro, Lupa de Prata, and Lupa de Bronze. In the category Skeletal Muscle – marketing campaign – Acheflan got the 1st place, Lupa de Ouro. Still in this category, Nisulid was awarded with Lupa de Bronze. Now, in the category Market Intelligence – Sales and Operation Planning project –, Aché received Prata for the 2nd place reached.


VI Anatec Award of Segmented Media: Anatec – Publication Editors National Association annually recognizes the best cases and practices of segmented communication of Brazil. In its sixth edition, Aché was awarded with the silver trophy for the case “Aché Collection of Education for Health”, in the category Socio-Environmental Responsibility.


Positive Award of Socio-Environmental Responsibility - Jornal Positivo – Guarulhos: The award is intended to encourage Corporate-Social Responsibility practice, acknowledging actions that benefits the city of Guarulhos. Aché was honored in the category Community, as well as with the Program “Aché Formare - Uma Escola para a Vida”. 



A Friend of the Industry Company  - Ciesp: Aché was honored by the Regional Directory of CIESP (Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo) with the award “A Friend of the Industry Company” offered to companies from Guarulhos, Arujá, Mairiporã, and Atibaia that most support industrial growth, labor safety, product quality and responsible socio-environmental action.


Honorable Mention - Febrafarma 2009 Quality Award – Febrafarma: Aché received Honorable Mention in Febrafarma Quality Award in Special Class, category in which suppliers and service providers voted in the pharmaceutical laboratory that better presents interaction and emphasis in the qualification and orientation process of suppliers and professional ethics.


Excellence in Labor Safety Management: São Paulo State's Pharmaceutical Industry Trade Union (Sindusfarma): Aché received by the Excellence Award in Labor Safety Management in the category, for the second consecutive year “more than 1,000 collaborators”.


Who is Who - Economia de Guarulhos Award: In the award edition, Aché kept its grade as the fifth largest company in net income, in a ranking that assessed 470 companies based on the city, from the industry, market, and service sectors. 



Who is Who - Economia de Guarulhos Award: Aché was rated as the largest company of Guarulhos with local capital, among the 110 companies listed.


“Lupa de Ouro” Award: Aché was gifted with the Lupa de Ouro Award, created by the Group of Executive Professionals of Pharmaceutical Market, and considered one of the most important awards of the industry in the whole Country. Acheflan was awarded in the category of Muscular System Prescription.


Excellence in Labor Safety Management: São Paulo State's Pharmaceutical Industry Trade Union (Sindusfarma). In June 2008, Aché received the Excellence in Labor Safety Management Award in the category “more than 1,000 collaborators”. 


Human Being “Oswaldo Checchia” Award - Brazilian Association of Human Resources – National ABRH: One of the most important Human Resources Award in Latin America, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Human Resources – National ABRH. Aché was in the first place in the category “Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility - Business category”, with the case “Aché Formare - Uma escola para a vida” (Aché Formare - A school for life).


Febrafarma 2008 Quality Award – Febrafarma: Aché received Febrafarma Quality Award as Prominent Company of the Year in Especial Class, category in which suppliers and service providers vote on the laboratory. This award is given honor the efforts carried out by pharmaceutical manufacturers and their suppliers, in order to reach quality standards required by the industry, as well as to ensure the decision taking required, so that products and services meet its role, assuring the drug products meet the sanitary recommendations.


Bumerangue Award – Sindusfarma: Bumerangue Award selects “Successful Cases” aiming to stand out and honor pharmaceutical manufacturers and their professionals who contribute critically with the creation and investment in projects in the Human Resources sector. In this concept, Aché participated with the case “Qualification of Keepers and Transfer to Machine Operators”, receiving the trophy in the category “Corporate Training”.


Positive Award of Socio-Environmental Responsibility - Jornal Positivo – Guarulhos: The award is intended to encourage Corporate-Social Responsibility practice, acknowledging actions that benefits the city of Guarulhos.



“Lupa de Ouro” Award: In November 2007, Aché was awarded at three categories of the “Lupa de Ouro” Award. The “Lupa de Ouro” Award was created by the Group of Professional Executives of the Pharmaceutical Market and is considered one of the most important industry awards throughout the country.