Incremental innovation consists of introducing in Brazilian market existing assets in the world or promoting incremental improves, such as new associations, formulations, therapeutic indications, and application of different technologies in existing assets, thus bringing innovative proposals to understand the needs of doctors and patients.

Perspectives for the pharmaceutical industry point out to incremental innovation and nanotechnology as promising areas for the next years. Foreseeing this trend, In November 2017, Aché inaugurated the Nanotechnology Innovation Laboratory Enterprise (NILE) inside the Guarulhos Plant, in partnership with Ferring Pharmaceuticals. The laboratory has the latest equipment for applying nanotechnology to prototypes that can be later made on an industrial scale. The laboratory is already starting its first proof of concept study, in vivo, with this objective in mind, and it is expected that the first results will be obtained in the first quarter of 2020.

The main mission of the incremental innovation platform known as Innovatech® is the application of new technologies to known molecules in order to solve problems related to stability, solubility, bioavailability, flavor, a reduced action time and the administration route, which enables pharmaceutical products to be developed that respond to as yet unmet medical needs.