Phytomédica is a product range consisting exclusively of phytomedicines, that is, medicines of vegetable origin, prepared from standardized plant extracts and based on safety and effectiveness studies.


At the present time, there are 7 Phytomédica products on the market:

  • Acheflan® ointment and spray ? the first medicine to be completely researched and developed in Brazil ? prepared with the oil extract of Cordia verbenacea and indicated in the treatment of chronic tendinitis and muscle pains;
  • Soyfemme®, based on soy isoflavones, for treating menopausal symptoms;
  • Remilev®, composed of Valeriana officinalis (extract combination Ze 91019) and Humulus lupulus for treating sleep-related disorders;
  • Remotiv®, based on Hypericum perforatum (extract combination Ze 117) and indicated in the treatment of light to moderate depression;
  • Antilerg® made from Petasites hybridus and used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis;
  • Dinaton®, based on Gingko biloba, for treatment of strokes;
  • Kamillosan®, based on chamomile, for treating dermatitis.

Acheflan®: a success story

Twenty years ago, one of the founders of Aché, Victor Siaulys, based on his own positive experience with a Brazilian medicinal plant, had the idea and the vision to research and develop medicines taking advantage of the rich Brazilian flora. This dream and project was almost abandoned several times, due to the countless difficulties that he faced. His persistence, however, enabled us to arrive at Acheflan®, the first medical product totally researched and developed in Brazil. Acheflan®: made with Brazilian raw materials, researched by Brazilian scientists, in Brazilian universities, and developed and launched by the largest Brazilian pharmaceutical laboratory.

We went through all the same R&D stages as for a synthetic medicine, we even compared Acheflan® ointment to the best-selling standard synthetic drug, and the conclusion was that Acheflan® was just as safe and effective as the standard, with a statistical trend towards being superior. We have already been sounded out by seven international companies for some type of partnership with Acheflan® and we are holding talks with a view to exporting it. We have filed patent applications for the oil extract and the active ingredient, and the systemic administration form is in the research and development stage. The success of this medicine was reaffirmed in January 2007, when a new form was launched: Acheflan® spray.


Acheflan® ointment ? launched in June 2005 is the result of seven years of research and the investment of R$ 15 million in studies carried out at important Brazilian universities.

In 2006, the company won the Lupa de Ouro (Golden Lens) award in the Prescription Launch category and second place in the Finep award for Technological Innovation, in the Product-Southeast Region category.