About Aché

With 100% national capital and a 47-year history of leadership in the local industry, Aché is among the 3 most important Brazilian pharmaceutical groups.

Supported by a team of about 3.300 employees, Aché manufactures and promotes 285 drugs, in 695 different versions, among RX, OTC and generic products. The excellence of a sales force of over 1.600 medical detailers – which is considered the best in the Brazilian market (IMS Resulta) – has allowed Aché to maintain its first position in prescription generation, confirming itself as the favorite laboratory for Brazilian physicians.

Investing in portfolio renewal is an essential part of the sustainable growth strategy devised by Aché over the last five years. To reach the high number of launches in 2012 – 33 in the year – and keep the growth perspectives for the future, the Company allocated in the period R$ 43.4 million to research and development. Beyond the financial investment, the company also developed a proprietary methodology, guided by the view that this process should be managed in a responsible and continuous manner. Therefore, in 2012 Aché kept 185 projects under development. The company expects to launch 100 products on the market over the next three years.

Licensing agreements already allow consolidating Aché’s brands in 12 countries in the Americas and Africa, from a portfolio of 21 drugs in 32 pharmaceutical formulations

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